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7. July, 2016

The Most Expensive Video Games In History

Do you ever wonder what is the most expensive video game ever created? I think that’s an interesting question, especially if you’re passionate gamer. Let’s dive deep and look at some of the most expensive games ever made. On number one spot, is title called Destiny. It was the biggest title of 2014 and costed more than 310 million dollars to create. This is even 75 million dollars more than an Avatar, which is a the most expensive Hollywood movie of all time till this date.

The second most expensive game is of course as you could probably assume, Grand Theft Auto 5. It was released 3 years ago, yeah already 3 years have passed. The cost of producing [...]

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6. July, 2016

The History Of Wearable Tech

Our understanding of manufacturing, using tools and conceiving them for the benefits of our lives, and constant wish of augmentation of what humans are capable of being what makes people special. We started to augment our bodies, long time ago. Today, people are using wearable technology in form of smart watches, fitness trackers, fashion tech and even smart clothing. Wearable technology was with us much longer than you probably think. Long before any virtual reality headsets or Google glasses.

The story of wearable tech begins almost 700 years ago where we have the first use of of eyeglasses in the year 1266. The 5th emperor of Roman empire Nero was using emeralds [...]

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6. July, 2016

The History Of Apps

Everyone loves mobile apps. Whether it is popular mobile game or business app. But what is mobile application exactly? In the most basic way it’s computer program designed, developed and generated to run on smartphones, tablets, iPhones and other mobile devices. The whole world has accepted the fact that with apps we can get the most out of smartphones. With that being said, it’s interesting to trace the history of app development. If you go back in time, not long ago all that was perceived in the category of apps were calculator, monthly calendar and Java games. But, the first smart phone was created in 1993 by IBM. It was equipped with features such as world [...]

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6. July, 2016

The High Cost Of Multitasking

Today, in this technologically advanced era, people are multitasking everywhere. Whether it’s kitchen table, or modern office, from chat notifications to emails, there is always ” that something” that is occupying our minds. The biggest problem that comes from jumping from task to task is that we’re not getting anything done completely. Someone could say that we are now in an era of distraction. Even people on the street that are using smartphones are multitasking, doing a few things at the same time on the screen. It should not be surprise, because when you look realistically, humans are practically wired to multitasking with so much access to [...]

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