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8. July, 2016

Instagram Advertising 101 + Awesome Ad Templates for Download

Era advertising on Instagram began a long time ago! Read what you need to know about advertising on this social network to reach the desired audience.

Instagram has its fifth birthday greeted with 400 million monthly active users, which is of course also become a desirable place for advertisers. On Instagram you can create ads for your products and services which are provided through Facebook’s interface for managing ads – Power Editor.

There are plenty of advertising opportunities on this increasingly popular social network. First of all it should be noted that the ads on Instagram aim to achieve four objectives, that are available to us in four types of [...]

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7. July, 2016

Top Web Technology Trends To Watch In 2016

Technology and development of web used to be very straightforward. Developers were developing codes that allowed inserting images, posting articles and all of this for the purposes of SEO. However, today development is much more sophisticated because consumers need to be kept engaged. With years and years of internet, more than billion people that are online are now used to old and same techniques for marketing that used to keep them attracted to single page exploring. But, don’t think content is past time, it’s still the king. But if you want to keep the engagement of your consumers you should have more than just great images and basic articles in order to keep [...]

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7. July, 2016

The Young Guns Of Technology: CEOs Under 30

It is true that you can be an entrepreneur at any given age. You’ve probably heard of web pages like Imgur, Mashable, Quora or Snapchat. But I think you’re not aware of the fact that all founders of that site are not older than 30 years. These young entrepreneurs created some of the biggest tech trends till date. This shows us that anything is possible. If you’re young you can succeed, and if you are a bit older, don’t worry as there’s still much time left to do something. This should not come as a surprise at all, since we are in a technological era, even kids today at their tender age are aware of all the latest tech devices. If you’re [...]

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7. July, 2016

The Multiscreen World

Basically, there are 2 different ways of people moving through the screens in order to complete some stuff. It can be either sequentially or simultaneously. All of this interaction is happening between jumping through a few screens. A person can visit a page with their smartphone, put product in the cart and then complete the order through his computer. But, this is not surprising at all. We are practically a nation of multiscreen people. Most people are spending even their free time in front of the screens. The device we choose for something often depends on what we’re trying to accomplish, how much time do wee need and where we are at that moment. TV is not primary [...]

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