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9. April, 2015

RWATCH M26s Smart Watch Review


One of the newest devices to hit the market is smart-watch. This device is different from normal watches since it can connect to your smart-phone and enhance its features. We were quite surprised how Rwatch M26s works quite well. We’ve used this device for more than a week and it didn’t have any problems. When a call comes in and the smartwatch is linked to your smartphone, you can actually just leave your phone in your pocket and answer the call using watch. Incoming notifications will also appear on the watch display so you can easily glance on it and see if it is important or not.

On the screen, you can find three buttons – particularly [...]

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18. March, 2015

The Best Smartphones Under $150 in 2015

Smartphone manufacturers today offer several features to choose from, for around $150 and less, including screen readability for users with impaired vision, and radio. The best smartphones under $150 for 2015 include a camera of at least 5 megapixel, at lease 2 CPU cores, average battery and more than 1GB RAM.


Cubot X9 is a simple, reliable and interactive Smartphone that has a lot to offer to an average user. Octa- core processor makes it strong, big screen makes it synoptical, cameras help you capture every important moment of your life in high resolution (not to mention extra beauty face function), and all that in a charming little black or golden [...]

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15. March, 2015

Revenue Making of iOS Gaming Apps – infographic

Once you find out how much money earn your favorite iOS gaming apps and then take a look at their big-trailers, you will remain speechless.

It is generally known that the gaming industry by revenues successfully surpassed the film industry. However, only few people from the general public are fully aware of the fact how much the little things on our smart phones actually earn. The figures that we present in this article might surprise you.

The mobile gaming is tremendously profitable business. As with ‘classical’ game room, most of the money brought into the project is completed in marketing, but what is the most attractive (at least to young development [...]

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9. March, 2015

What should marketers watch in 2015

Data is streaming from your customers right now… from their phones, their social platforms, their work desktop, their tablets, and even their cars. It’s not slowing down. I was recently visiting our family home in Florida where we upgraded the home alarm system.

The alarm is connected via the Internet and if the Internet is down, it connects via an internal wireless connection (and battery if power is lost). The system is programmed to detect and shout out every door, window or even if the garage door is open. We can also control it all from our smartphones.

Cameras are connected via online DVR and mobile application that I can look at day or night. From Indiana, you [...]

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