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18. April, 2016

Premium Business Branding Package on Sale

Perfect for startups this Business Branding Package has proven to be a Godsend for a fresh company such as ours. With features that include everything that a startup needs, our struggles were minimized when we signed up for this Business Branding Package.

Setting up a new company is no easy feat. The struggles of gaining market share, increasing recognition among peers, competition from all quarters, leaves an entrepreneur exhausted at the end of the day.

This package proved its worth when we utilized what it offered and was able to reduce the stress that would have otherwise plagued us into more sleepless nights.

It is a complete professional business branding [...]

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23. August, 2015

Professional Infographic Resume Templates

Infographic resume is the trendy resume that is mostly used by college students and the graduates from a trade or college school. This is by far catching the attention of all students because of it being an eye-catching artwork.

On the part of professional hiring managers, they would suggest of infographic resume to be useful provided that it is made and designed by a graphic artist or website designer. This can even be more useful when it is linked to a conventional resume and online portfolio.

Using an infographic resume is even more important for the successful employment and career that you’ve always been dreaming of. Gone are those times that traditional resume is [...]

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9. July, 2015

Animated Data Visualization – Infographic Animation

For over the past few years, people have noticed a great increase in the number of websites in the internet. Normally, those websites are made to give knowledge to the people. But as time passes by, many businesspersons started to use it as one of their marketing tools because of the reason that most of the people these days love to surf the web.

However, due to the popularity of the internet or websites, businesspersons have difficulty to make the people choose their site among thousands of other web pages. So they really look for the best way to make their website really attractive in order for it to attract and have plenty of visitors. One of the techniques used by [...]

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8. May, 2015

Mixin – Infographic WordPress Theme Review

Live Preview or Buy Now – $58.00


In our previous articles, we had already have some infographic wordpress themes. In recent time, there were Infospace – Infographic WordPress Theme , Punto – Infographic WordPress Theme and Orlando – Infographic WordPress Theme. Mixin have beautiful design and smooth scrolling feature. This is like having a beautiful infographic hosted on the web that gives your reader everything they need to know about your company or service.

Since the infographics are very popular in the visualization of information because it enables clean overview of data and people are mostly a visual creatures and prefer [...]

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