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26. April, 2017

CodePlex will be shut down by Microsoft, What does that mean?

If you’re a part of open-source software development community, you must be aware of the news that Microsoft has decided to shut down CodePlex. In addition, Microsoft decided to recommend all the CodePlex to migrate to GitHub. Some of you know that it is their partner company for a while now. How will this affect open source developers and will this decision make open source software sharing easier or will it take it down the drain? We’ll try and go step by step in order to get an answer what impact will this decision have on the community. What happens when CodePlex shuts down?

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CodePlex the rise and [...]
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22. April, 2017

BlackBerry’s market re-positioning and the re-emerge as software vendor

10 years ago, when phones have just started having color screens and when smart phones became present, it was hardly imaginable than a person won’t own one of the BlackBerry phones. It seemed like BlackBerry had a bright future ahead, positioning itself on the market as a strong and valuable company. Yet, something different happened. So now we observe BlackBerry’s market re-positioning.

So, how did such a profitable company came from being at the top of the world to struggling to survive as mobile provider?



BlackBerry’s road

Even though BlackBerry introduced a phone with multimedia [...]

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19. April, 2017

20 Spectacular Authentic Magento Fashion Themes For Any Industry

The fashion industry is flourishing and may remain forever. Online Magento stores are trends to follow, and current post is depicting comprehensively how you can make right selection with the help of your dependable Magento developer team.

Magento is king in eCommerce platforms with its advanced technologies and tools it offers. Magento has a huge user base with more than 200K businesses including big brands and SMBs.

Like other open source eCommerce platforms, Magento community also boasts with plenty of template providers and developers ready to create for you. Templates or themes in another word are available for different eCommerce [...]

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18. April, 2017

Avoid These Common Web Design Mistakes When Building Your Business Website

Running a business website can often be a disappointing affair. The upsurge of visitors could quickly turn into a trickle and you might experience people leaving your website without converting to subscribers and customers. Even if you invest effort, time and money, the results can still be pretty mediocre, to say the least. When this happens, most website owners focus on fixing up the content, improving the marketing strategy and SEO and tend to neglect one crucial aspect and that is the web design. That said, here are the most common web design mistakes you should avoid when building a business website.

Having a slow website

Incorporating the latest technologies and [...]

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