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26. June, 2017

Better salary negotiation via email: How to do it right? Pros and Cons

For reasons unknown, asking for a larger salary is always a problem for most people. Many of us have a certain barriers when it comes to asking for more money. Some people do not feel comfortable asking for a raise or a better salary in person. However, what happens when you are negotiating a new job and you are discussing your salary via email? When is the right time? What do you have to offer in return? Is it even polite to ask for more money? This article will show you when, how and why you ask for a larger amount of money for the job you are going to do.

Is it ok to ask for more money in the first place?

If you ever wondered if it would be rude to ask for a better [...]

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14. June, 2017

WP Rocket Custom WordPress Cache Plugin Vs W3 Total Cache

WP Rocket plugin is WordPress cache plugin handling the speed of your WordPress driven website. Here at Techinfographics we are constantly looking for an improvement and new innovative solutions to stay competitive on the search engine. Just before you make the wrong conclusion, please allow me to make a statement. Yes, WP Rocket plugin is premium plugin. However, I am not getting paid to deliver this review. I am writing this post, because I suffered a lot with the previous plugins, such as W3 Total Cache.


I am writing this post only [...]

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11. June, 2017

5 Actions To Improve Your Daily Computer Activity

Nowadays the computer activity involves privacy and computer security issues and it is very important. However, not many companies or individuals are taking this matter seriously.The latest neglecting evidence is the hack that tripled the IT systems across the UK.

In reality the individuals and organisations who still dare to run outdated Windows version is at their own risk. Microsoft stopped their extended support on April 8th 2014. Windows 7 took over the market share along with the new Windows 10 the only version suitable for mobile devices.

Follow these 5 simple golden nuggets of security advises to minimize the risk of being hacked or expose vulnerable [...]

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8. June, 2017

What You Need To Accept Credit Cards Checklist – Intro 5

Accepting credit cards is one of the easiest ways to grow a successful business. When you allow your customers to pay with plastic, you benefit from:

Fast and convenient payments Global reach (especially when selling online) Advanced fraud protection (if you choose the right processor)


And arguably most important, credit card acceptance is what your customers want.


According to researchers, 80 percent of American shoppers cite credit and debit cards as their preferred method of payment. Cash is no longer king, and paper-based checks are quickly falling out of favor.


Not only do customers prefer using plastic, [...]

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