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14. January, 2016

Excel Tricks That’ll Impress Your Boss

Whilst it’s likely that many of us may know the basics around using Excel, there are some tips and tricks out there that may have passed us by.

Adam Maidment
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2. December, 2015

9 Amazing Gadgets for your Apartment

The idea of a world entirely run on technology and gadgets may have seemed futuristic ten years ago, but nowadays it’s something we’re all starting to become pretty used to. Our homes and apartments seem to be next on the horizon for a complete tech overhaul, and this latest infographic takes a look at 9 of the best gadgets that will change the way we live and do things around the home forever.

Adam Maidment
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19. November, 2015

How To Be A PowerPoint Power User

Using presentation software is something most of us have at least done a couple of times – be it at school, in your job or even at home. There are many practical ways that PowerPoint can be used to our advantage however not all of us are entirely clued up on the software as we could be.

Adam Maidment
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22. October, 2015

How Has Microsoft Office Evolved Over the Years?

Whether you’re an avid user or not, you’ve definitely heard of Microsoft Office before. After its original launch in 1990 in its most basic of forms, it has only managed to surpass expectations and grow stronger and stronger.

Adam Maidment
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