Amazing newsletter templates for email marketing

by Josipa Štrok27. October, 2014

E-mail marketing is sending unique commercial content via e-mail to users who are approved to receive these amenities. It is a business strategy to retain and increase the customer base through the execution and delivery of essential facilities of using e-mail. E-mail marketing is one of the most important parts of Internet marketing. Its main advantage is that it enables direct communication with the user of the product or service.

E-mail provides information about a new product or service, teaching how to proper use the product or service, publishing news related to the company services and products, and so on. In order to achieve a positive effect of e-mail marketing, messages should be sent only to customers who want to receive information by company. It is necessary to avoid spamming. Spam is e-mail message that the user has received, and which has no direct or indirect contact with him. E-mail marketing can be used for managing sales, providing customer service and build closer relationships with customers.

E-mail is the fastest growing communication medium in the world today. More than 30 billion e-mail exchange on a daily basis in the world. E-mail has fundamentally changed the way of communication between people, remove various barriers in writing and allowed millions of people to participate in the dialogue, in an easy and fast way. E-mail is a powerful tool in the marketing business, business analysis and creating a picture of the company and its products to the public. Thanks to its explosive growth, company can use it in order to obtain a pattern of behavior of its users and to better understand their needs. E-mail is a very effective means for generating revenue, developing customer relationships and create a qualitatively different brands compared to competing companies.

Advantages of Email Marketing

E-mail as a means of direct marketing offers many advantages, such as:

  • It provides fast response to user requests. E-mail reduces the response time to user requests, from 6 to 8 weeks in the case of postal mail, to 48 hours in most cases. Users have the ability to immediately respond by returning the e-mail or by clicking the mouse on the link to the company website, in order to come up with more information. This also fulfills the interaction between the company and its users. E-mail saves time. Thanks to the use of e-mail marketing companies have significantly reduced the cost of time in relation to marketing that uses traditional mail.
  • E-mail stronger position of  brand. Regularly sent e-mail messages that contain properly addressed topics messages (Subject) strengthen the position of the company and its products. E-mail creates a two-way communication with customers and encourages long-term, qualitative relationships.
  • E-mail is an effective way to bring visitors to a website. HTML links can be inserted into the e-mail, so you can quickly direct them to the company’s website. That increases the number of users who register on the website. The company after that can send targeted content to registered users.
  • The results of e-mail marketing campaigns are easy to measure. The success of a marketing campaign can be measured using the software programs that are designed to capture responses from the user.
  • E-mail is widespread. It is the most used aspect of the Internet and is part of the daily activities of a large number of people.
  • E-mail can be customized to the user. Integration with databases allows the creation of user groups that will receive e-mails that are appropriate for some of their characteristics (eg, education, gender, age, etc.), So that e-mails that are sent can be easily selected and focused.

The process of e-mail marketing

The process of e-mail marketing consists of six phases:

  1.  Collection of data about users. This primarily refers to finding the e-mail addresses of potential users of the product or service. There are two types of mailing lists: The company’s own list is a list of e-mail addresses of users that the company collected through previous contacts with customers, reports on the company’s website or in other ways with the certificate user. Rented or purchased list is a list of e-mail users that the company leased or purchased from a list sellers. Sellers are companies that specialize in collecting user’s e-mail address on the Internet.
  2. Defining offers in the campaign and the target segment. This step in email marketing involves creating offers, e-mails that continue to interact with the users who responded to the original email that was sent to the company, telemarketing activities, creating a subgroup within the original customer lists, etc.
  3. Building the list of users / segmentation. When you create a mailing list, you need to include as much information as possible about the users, to the content of e-mail to close to their areas of interest. (eg, data on the demographic structure of the user, the company in which the user is working, occupation of user – anything that relates to the specific needs that could satisfy users.)
  4. Creating an e-mail. There are several approaches to creating e-mail messages that are sent to users. Some marketing companies offer a “liquid” (streaming) video and other broadband facilities, other companies use the HTML messages. HTML contents are very effective for building brand and corporate image. It is very useful and popular to add banner ads in the e-mail messages.
  5. Scheduling email campaign. The optimal time for starting an email marketing campaign is mean working week after working hours of employed people.
  6. Observation and measurement of user reaction. In an e-mail marketing campaign, tracking user reaction is achieved by measuring the activity, such as the number of clicks on the hypertext links contained in a e-mail (click-through) and a number of marketing e-mail messages that users are opened and read (open-ups).

Models of E-mail Marketing

There are eight models of E-mail Marketing:

  1. User-based e-mail. In this model, the company invites visitors to its own Web site (existing customers and potential customers) to apply for inclusion of their e-mail addresses in the corporate e-mail list, to receive occasional e-mails with announcements new and promotional offers products and services.
  2. Corporate newsletter. They consist of advice such as “news you can use”, referring to the offered products and services, and the “news information”, such as the financial position of the company on the market, new business projects, changes in the management team of the company.
  3. Service reminder. It’s based on the calendar and reminds users to specific dates. For example, e-commerce sites offer a list of gifts to the dates that are related to anniversaries and birthdays of  users loved ones.
  4. Customer intermediaries. These services play a role of mediator between the user and marketing companies. Users are invited to register to this service and choose from various fields which would like to receive information via e-mail. These services, then sell to advertising agencies allowed access to customers.
  5. Sponsored Email magazines. Thousands of independent authors have found that e-mail is simple, but effective means of self-publishing. Millions of users are subscribed. Also, many Web and traditional publishers independently offer collections of e-mails and e-mail magazines. Most of these publishers accepts advertising.
  6. Sponsored mailing list. E-mail is a popular tool to foster discussion and debate in the virtual community. This means the creation of e-mail lists of interest that are devoted almost all topics that can be imagined. Each subscriber of mailing list receives a copy of every email that is sent to the list.
  7.  Advocacy Marketing. Advocacy marketing is a model where companies engage existing customers to voluntarily spread information among his acquaintances  about the company and its products and services. This is the strategy of “a friend brings a friend.” Users recruited their friends who continue to spread the news about the company.
  8. Affiliate Marketing. This is a strategy in which the company has been sending commercial e-mails on behalf of an associate company.

E-mail marketing is one of the most effective means of marketing that is known today. Any company that wants to achieve business success, can’t ignore the huge sales and marketing potential of e-mail marketing. It is efficient and very cheap means of gaining and retaining customers. E-mail is the embodiment of “one to one” marketing, entirely appropriate for personalized and targeted relationship with customers.

Below you can see amazing newsletter templates for email marketing which we choose for you:

Editorial – Minimal PSD Email Newsletter Template

Editorial Email Template is clean, modern, and multipurpose email template. It is good for any corporate needs. It comes with 5 layouts in 5 colors that will be usable in every occasion. PSD files arewell-organized layers in groups to help you edit content easier than ever! With well-written documentation, Instant Email Template is easy for you to change content, images, or even create your own layout. Download here.




Explore – Travel PSD Email Newsletter Template

Explore Email Template is is clean, modern, and designed for travel and tourism email template. It is good for any corporate needs. It comes with 3 layouts in 1 colors. PSD files are well-organized layers in groups to help you edit content easier than ever! With well-written documentation, Explore Email Template is easy for you to change content, images, or even create your own layout. Download here.

Preview (1)



Legendary Apps Email Newsletter

Legendary apps Email-Newsletter is designed to help application developer and user. Features: 3 icons, 3 image frame, 3 price table, contact info bar, Modern Design, Flat Design, Fully editable Photoshop CS .psd files. Download here.




tumbas – Online Shop Email Newsletter Template

Features: Smart Object; Editable Color; Unlimited Color Combinations; Editable Text; Layer Group; Easy to Edit. Download here.




Multipurpose E-Newsletter Email Template

A set of 7 psds for Flat designed Email Templates which can be use for any kind of business like Travel, Corporate, E-commerce, Retail, Photographer, Artist, Designer & Freelancer. Design is clean and professional. Layers are well organized, you can easily customize its design & color as per your need. Download here.




Quinn Mail

600px width – Best(common) width for any email, newsletter. 12 PSD – 6 Color style (Blue, Cyan, Green, Violet, Dark, Pink) in 2 folder Full and Box. Simple, Clean, and Minimalist style – Clean and clear panel easy navigate through content. 2 Body layout style. Download here.




Kidnergarden e-newsletterPSD Template

Kidnergarden e-newsletterPSD Template. Kidnergarden is the professional e-newsletter PSD template created for professional child care centers, preschool and kindergartens. It’s very easy to edit; Layers and Smart Objects are very well-organized and structured, you can easily customize the design and color as per your need. Design is clean and professional. all you need to do is just to change content and products. Download here.




Clean E-newsletter

This item include 1 PSD file. Layout size is 640×2080px. Item have clean and flat design features. Work is very well organized and you can easily change content, colors, text, images. Images are not included into work. Download here.




Bshop | E-newsletters template

BSHOP – E-newsletters Page Creative PSD Template, which is very unique with clean & smooth design. It can be ideal for any creative studio, business or for portfolio. The PSD files are fully layered and easily customizable. Download here.




Santi – Multipurpose Email Template

Santi is an email built for companies, enterprises, businesses or freelancers who want to find a beautiful and clean solution to their email marketing needs. You can choose what suits your company best and promote with a very beautiful looking template which is certain to attract the attention of your customers and inquire their curiosity. Download here.




Seasonal Email Newsletter Template

This email newsletter template presented in four color schemes. Each scheme correspond to one of the seasons of the year, revealing the best capacity through the strong colors and circled forms. This email newsletter template fits not only for online store, but for your personal blog or even online magazine. You can easily send your email marketing campaigns, updates or periodical news and impress your subscribers by the striking design of this product. Download here.