Advertising on Techinfographics

What kind of ads do you offer?

If you believe your product or service provides value to this demographic then check out the opportunities we have available below:

Sponsored Posts

Guest posts are accepted which feature a product or service but also provide value to the reader. The article can be written by you or we can write it for you. It’s important to note that this is not an advert, it’s simply a useful article which mentions your product or service and includes 2 dofollow links back to your site/service/product.

Cost – $40 (written by you) / $75 (written by us)

Banner Advert – 300×600

This is an opportunity to advertise in our sidebar for a 300×600 pixel banner ad. Banner appears in the lower right column of each page (homepage and article page).

Cost – $50 per month

Where are visitors located?

Most traffic comes from USA and India, followed by Turkey. Spain, United Kingdom and Germany are leading countries in Europe. Asia Region and South America are also popular origins.


How can I contact you?

For more info please contact us: submit form here.