50 Features Every Small Business Website Should Have

by Josipa Štrok5. April, 2016

To create a website is not easy, not because you need to know several programming languages, but because every website must have a soul; something that makes people visit this page every day and that they never get bored. It’s not only in design, but it is one of the main success factors. The thing is, a thousand small details that make a website fast, beautiful, useful, efficient and quality. This rule goes for all types of websites, but in this article we’ll talk about features of every small business website.

Today, perhaps more than ever, every small business need to be present online. The Internet is becoming increasingly important for the promotion and presentation of activities, whatever it was. To achieve this you need to have a website. Today’s websites are no longer table with the occasional picture, they are becoming increasingly real applications. However, in order to have a successful website, it is not enough just to install Wordpres or Joomla on a free hosting, put up some cool template and that’s it. Web page has its own elements, pieces that determine it. Some of them are mandatory and almost every page has it, and some of the elements are not so important. But there are those which each page should have, no matter what kind of page is. In infographic below, you can find out what features every small business website should have in order to succeed:

50 Features Every Small Business Website Should Have


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