4 Questions To Ask Before Building A Smartphone App

by Josipa Štrok21. December, 2015

Thinking of creating a smartphone app, but have no idea where to begin? Market research conducted by various analyst firms indicates that mobile applications will be necessary in the next few years. In fact, more and more people are buying smartphones and tablets and use them to find information about the companies that interest them. According to some estimates, within a few years, tablets and mobile phones could replace PCs as the primary devices for online shopping and searching for information. Already more than 50 percent of Internet searches in search of information takes place via smart devices such as phones or tablets.

What are the opportunities and benefits of making a smartphone app?

  • The market for mobile applications is increasing day by day
  • The user can easily and quickly get to the required information about your products and services, in any place, at any time
  • Navigation of mobile applications is much faster compared to a mobile web page
  • Mobile application is a very good marketing tool
  • Unlimited mobility and time savings

Apps are no different than any other area of business when it comes to stories of their success – there are far fewer stars than dogs.  Avoid getting mesmerized by shiny object syndrome and look at mobile apps for what they are, a tool to help you achieve your business goals.

To get you started, here are a few questions to ask before building a smartphone app:

4 questions to ask before building a smartphone app