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28. July, 2017

16 SEO FAQs We Still Struggle to Understand

Despite the fact that SEO has now been around for years, many businesses still don’t seem to fully understand how it works and what it does. SEO could be described as the process of getting traffic from the organic search results that can be found on a search engine. For most people, this means Google. The higher up a website ranks on a search engine, the more likely it is that it will receive clicks. Research has shown that the top 5 results on search engines will get 75% of the clicks, so it is a very desirable place to be. Currently, it is an industry that is worth $65 billion and is steadily growing as more and more businesses are now going online.

On Page or [...]
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26. July, 2017

How can Searcher Task Accomplishment help my Website rank on Google?

Searcher task accomplishment is often mentioned among the SEO experts. What is it? Yes, I know this sounds so new to each and every one of you. This is the newest ranking factor folks! Yes, you heard it right. If you want your website to be recognized and to rank on Google or the rest of the search engines, this new ranking factor is what you need.

For example, imagine you need to search for something. Something that you want to know more about.  or you need it for your project or just searching for online reviews for your next holiday or car. You searched for it and then suddenly a lot of suggestions pop up on your screen. You will now attempt to click the first to check, [...]

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24. July, 2017

How To Create Influencing Content Targeting Influencing People

Influencing content is integrated into the Google’s search algorithm. It is no secret or mystery that Google really cares about the customer experience. That being said, I think I cannot stress, how important content is.

This article will help you understand the concept and the idea of how to create influencing content. As you might know, when it comes to marketing strategies and SEO campaigns many people scratch their heads. Others might claim to know it all. I have listed few bullet proof tactics used by experts on Moz, well if you do not believe me, try to believe at least someone.

Influencing Back Links

You often need a content and in fact very good quality [...]

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21. July, 2017

How to hide your ass on the internet with VPN fast and easy

Access denied message is rather annoying, especially if you search for something important to download and you cannot find it anywhere on the web. So torrents can be a solution there. Actually the torrent is the easiest way of downloading files, both legal and shady. Having downloaded anything, you start automatically sharing small bits of a file with other users, which increases the download speed. Everything seems to be easy, fast, and safe. Nevertheless, there is still the downside of torrent – privacy. When sharing anything with other online folks, you are automatically revealing your IP address. This can lead to many risks including personal data theft.

Therefore, it is [...]

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18. July, 2017

How To Start A Successful YouTube Channel and Convert it Into Business?

To start a successful YouTube Channel, it takes only passion and dedication. This guide will give you industry insides of how to, start a YouTube channel and monetize it successfully.

I like the statistics and I love backing up my words with some industry reliable sources. So here is the part, where I want to tell you little facts about, the industry evaluation and hopefully this will give you motivation to start a successful YouTube Channel.


Note: Remember, everyone has started from the bottom. You only need to be serious and keep focusing on improving yourself and creating better content.

In 2016 global leading industry led by PWC has concluded [...]

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