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15. March, 2017

How To Build A High Performance Lead Generation Website

Even if your website looks like it’s in showroom condition, you have to remember that it’s what’s under the hood that really counts. A flashy website design won’t do much for your Internet marketing campaign if the nuts and bolts of the design aren’t optimized to drive lead generation.


Here at Internet marketing agency Straight North, we’ve identified some of the most common elements of high performance lead generation websites. Although they aren’t things that a visitor would notice at first glance, they’re all essential for driving conversions and turning visitors into customers — and they’re all things that you should make sure your website has in place before [...]

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14. March, 2017

Five Authentic Expert Keynote and PowerPoint Themes

Keynote theme is a template/theme designed specifically  for the use on apple devices. A PowerPoint template is for the windows machines, we sweetened the situation by selecting some PowerPoint themes as well. However, just in case, we will include the Mac and Windows versions for each one of them we honor in this list, so you do not feel left in the dark.

Allow me to ask you few simple questions. Ever had an important Keynote speaking day, where you had to present your presentation in front of huge audience, and you couldn’t decide, how you want to go with the design? Are you tired of boring, no creative keynote themes that you can find anywhere and just don’t do the job ? [...]

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23. February, 2017

Free University Degree Online If You Are On a Budget !

Free university degree online is completely possible and if you are keen, you can do it in no time. Nowadays to obtain University degree all, you need is a pile of cash and a lot of free. Let’s do not talk about the debt left behind. After all the only positive memory, you might get is the endless parties. There is simply, no guarantee for a job after graduation.

HSBC’s 2016 report shows, in the US alone the average tuition fees estimated to be $33,215.

I have decided to go Online and assemble my own Degree. Because, becoming a digital online genius will cost me $0.

The only straight idea in my head was to get my Free University Degree Online, the [...]

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22. February, 2017

SEO-friendly Tips To Improve Your Website’s Ranking Using These WordPress Advantages

As a content management system that is open source, free, easily customizable, and powers up about 27 percent of the internet, WordPress is the best choice for your website. If you are running a WordPress website, you should know that it is essential that you optimize it for search engines. No matter how beautifully crafted your website is, it won’t do its magic without the proper SEO. By making your website SEO-friendly, you boost your chances to appear on the first page of SERPs. Here are some tips on how you should make use of WordPress’ advantages to improve your website’s ranking.

SEO-friendly architecture

WordPress makes it easy for you to create posts and pages, [...]

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14. February, 2017

5 best keynote templates trendy designed keynote templates and PPT

5 best keynote templates collection created with love

5 best keynote templates are comprehensive list of keynote templates review. You are guaranteed to reach the highest key people in your niche. Many people have problems with arranging their presentation and making it look professional. Spending money for templates, they use only once. To overcome these issues most people, use trendy templates. Our collection is the best we found. It offers a wide array of tools and add-on that lets you show every aspect of your work and set your creativity free. This is why in this post we are going to see the specs and features of  the 5 best keynote templates you can find right now. We are going [...]

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5 best keynote templates trendy designed keynote templates and PPT
Five Authentic Expert Keynote and PowerPoint Themes
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