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17. August, 2017

5 Proven Ways to Reinvent Your Identity

Reinvent your identity starting from today and never look back. I want to share with you my proven ways backed up by scientists  to life changing steps that will improve not only, how people look on you but the way you look on yourself.

Before you even continue reading this article, I do not want you to waste your time reading if you are not willing to put any effort into this.

It does not really matter, what is your age, gender or career level. I have felt awful about myself and the job I had so many times. I just was not happy. It is natural to feel though and lost even at that moments, when you think you have it all.

However, to reinvent your identity there [...]

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16. August, 2017

Crazy Socks Colors Worn by People Indicate That They Are Brilliant, Creative and Successful

Crazy socks colors are necessity for people with creative minds, individual and independent personality. We usually dress up by following certain written and unwritten standards. By simply dressing up and wearing the regular grey or black type of socks, we accept the fact that we want to be accepted by the society and often fear to express our personality.

However, fearing to wear the whacky and crazy socks can actually put you in the situation, where you are seen as a regular individual with simple social status and you might not be such a person. How many times have you stopped thinking, no I cannot wear that?


Crazy Socks Colours are the Chance to [...]
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15. August, 2017

9 Bad Habits You Have to Exclude from Your Daily Routine Starting Now

The bad habits are chasing each one of us daily. Productivity and self-control in your daily agenda means everything from getting up early to preparing for work or just studying for exam. Bad habits are not influenced by your social status or the years of experience they can appear at any time.

We continue to sabotaging our own daily agenda with very little simple things that we cannot even notice. This article will help you to clearly identify some of the bad habits we all experience regardless and hopefully replace them with productivity.


We all know the path to success is long. However, it becomes even longer when the bad habits are creeping upon us [...]

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14. August, 2017

How to Handle Difficult People and Their Personalities as a Smart Ass

Difficult people are everywhere. Difficult people evade logic and most of these people are blindly unaware with the impact they have among the people surrounding them.

It is obvious for most of us that some difficult personalities seem to drive their satisfaction daily, by simply creating a chaos around them and also pushing other people’s buttons.

Either way, the difficult people create unnecessary row of events creating a lot of stress for other people. In this article, I hope to show you how to handle the difficult personalities in your life now and in feature by sharing my own personal story.

Many studies have shown that stress can have a negative [...]

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11. August, 2017

Angular 4 the Journey to the top in the modern world

Angular 4 is the latest update for the Angular framework. I will not go without slight introduction for those of you who do not know yet, what Angular 4 is and its hidden enriched powers for the mobile and web development world.

Angular 4 is framework aiming mobile and web applications. This framework is actually classed as a new framework comparing to its main competitors such as React and Ember .

React was developed by the developers of Facebook and Instagram. React’s first initial release was in 2013 and Ember’s in 2011. Ember was developed by (Ember Core Team)

The differences between Angular 4 and AngularJS

It was the year 2016 when Angular first appeared in [...]

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