10 Infographics About Facebook Social Marketing

Facebook social marketing might sound boring, but yet is very effective to drive traffic to your website. Given the infrequency, with which I can write on this blog (things getting busy), I tried to summarize the best practices for social marketing on Facebook. Infographics are more or less recent, but full of advice. You might seen some of them on the web, but since our blog is about infographics, we are publicizing collections and summarized content: all at one place. If you know any other good social marketing infographics, leave your comment/link below. I will do my best  to add them to our post.

How To Get More Fans on Facebook?

how to get more fans on FB?

6 Tips To make Facebook Fan Page

6 Tips to create FB Fan Page

What you need to know! Facebook EdgeRank

EdgeRank Facebook

Perfect Facebook Post

Perfect Facebook Post

How to Get More Likes, Comments and Shares

How to get more Facebook likes More engagement

The Importance of a Fan Base

Importance of Fan Base

Engagement is a Real Metric

Engagement Metrics

10 Ways to Viral your Facebook Fan Page

10 Ways to viral Fb Fan Page

How to Determine Facebook and Twitter ROI?

FB and Twitter ROI

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