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22. May, 2015

7 Wearable Technology Jobs That Will Change The World

What we once could only read about in science fiction novels or see in the movies is slowly becoming a reality: technology is evolving in a direction that is becoming ubiquitous, and almost invisible – wearable! Computer chips are becoming so piece of clothing, glasses allow experience of augmented reality, while watches are transformed into miniature computers.

There is no doubt that “Wearable technology” is becoming the trend of the near future that will change everyday life such as, not so long ago, smart phones and social networks. The taste of tomorrow can already afford some geeks with little deeper pockets or some are visiting the world’s [...]

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22. May, 2015

Best free antivirus programs

First let me tell you a joke:

A customer came to IT store and says: “Give me one antivirus program, please.” Customer has purchased antivirus program and went home. One week after customer returned and said to salesman: “This antivirus is a joke! While I didn’t have it, I didn’t have viruses! But when I installed it, viruses popping up like crazy! ”

I believe that  that you have understood the point. Whether using a computer or mobile device for private or business purposes, entertainment or communication, you should have at least one antivirus program. We can recommend free softwares for private use, while businesses still should [...]

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21. May, 2015

Infographic: Interesting Facts About Android

Did you know that Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world? And it is growing every day with astronomical share of 80%, it is well ahead of competitors such as iOS and Windows Phone platform. The answer to this question you probably already know, but probably do not know all the important facts about this operating system.

What is Android?

It is the operating system owned by Google. Used primarily by portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, but gradually expanding to other devices, such as watches, televisions, cameras … Currently, the most widely used operating system of its kind. The main competitors are iOS (Apple) and Windows Phone [...]

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21. May, 2015

TOP 10 Best Tumblr Themes For Summer 2015

Tumblr – blog with elements of social network

Tumblr is a web service that allows you to write online diary (blog) with elements that are used in social networks. Ordinary Internet diaries (blogs) are common sites with already built-in system for writing news (one of the best and most popular system in use is WordPress). Tumblr is much more than that because in addition to writing simple texts, quotations, placing pictures, music and video content, allows you simply monitoring and cooperation with other blogs on Tumblr (the official name for these blogs are thumblogs) while remaining very easy to use.

You do not know whether Tumblr is for you? You probably already have a [...]

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20. May, 2015

The Best Multitasking Android Applications

Why do we want to know which are the best multitasking Android applications?

All we ask ourselves whether in our device work multitasking applications (simultaneously run multiple applications on the same screen)? It does not depend on the device, but the applications.What is related to the device is that it can “hold” to run multiple applications simultaneously. In the first place it is to be a working memory (RAM) which is “full” active applications you use. More RAM lets you run multiple applications. They say that the Android operating system for excellent multitasking. This is something you use every day on Windows 7, 8 / 8.1 operating system, not to know [...]

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