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30. March, 2015

Creative Easter Graphics for Download

Easter is near, and  now you can make imaginative creative greeting cards. We have choosen for you various easter graphics for fun and colorful holidays.Here you can find graphics such as banners, backgrounds, flyers, facebook covers, invitations, infographic elements and more.

Easter Postcard

Happy Easter Postcard in Rustic Provence Retro Style. Vector Illustration. File contains JPEG and EPS10 format. File has transparency. Download here.



Easter Postcards

Four cards with background Easter basket and eggs, rabbit. Download here.

Happy Easter Flyer

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30. March, 2015

10 Twitter rules for successful business + infographic

Twitter is a mandatory business asset, whether you use it to promote your business or to justify your expertise. It’s a key piece of the puzzle when you want to be recognized and to establish connections. However, it is important not to ignore the rules of Twitter, otherwise it may happen to you that you do not get the most of this popular social networking platform.

1. Pay attention to manners

It is simply a question of common sense. Marketing proffesionals like to say: “The new tool, the old rules”. If someone mention you or retweet your post, if possible, thank him. Not only do people love to receive recognition for their efforts, but it is a useful [...]

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26. March, 2015

Improving Your Google Score – Infographic

Do you like what you see when you checking your own presence on Google?

There are steps you can take to improve digital foundation for your business, so that poor reviews or other unwanted content can not be the first thing visitors see. Remember, it is much easier to neutralize the negative search results even if you control the first page of Google score for you and your business. This process is a kind of optimization called “reputation management”.

Let’s start from your site

You’d think that means that your website is absolutely first in the search results when someone searches for you or your business. In order to do so, follow these [...]

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25. March, 2015

How To Sell Your Startup To Facebook – infographic

Explore what Facebook need and run your startup. The new magic word of the 21st century is a startup. Everybody started to launch small business and hope to eventually grow into a serious and large enterprises. Being innovative has always been the key to success, and the chances are that soon we’ll live in “The Age of startups”. If you have a really creative and relevant idea, the chances that your startup buy giant like Facebook are real.

Startups are usually defined as companies and projects that are younger than one year, do not make money and have a few employees. There are disagreements over the definition of the term, but we can simplify the matter and [...]

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24. March, 2015

Perfect Logo Design – infographic

4 rules of logo design

1. Start with your brand

Brand makes the sum of customer relationships with your business. Brand is the music that you play while you divert calls, your official parking space, your office anteroom and your internal relationship and communication within the company. When collecting ideas in creating logos ask targeted questions. If you ask your target audience or employees which color they like more – green, or blue, it will not bring you much. However, questions such as “What kind of impression we want to leave? Technical / Professional (blue) or trendy (green)? “- Puts you on the right path.

2. Simplicity

The more lines, [...]

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