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12. February, 2016

The Evolution Of Artificial Intelligence

People always had an idea of transforming objects into intelligent beings coming to real life. This dates back even to ancient civilizations. Egyptians and Chinese had built automatons and Greeks had myths about robots. It was just imagination and science fiction of writers, but today we have some roots in our lives. It’s probably the most powerful technology from humans. People were always very optimistic when it comes to creating artificial intelligence. Having information means having control, and if our universe is about information, then artificial intelligence will be of great benefit for understand all of it.

But, creating something like artificial [...]

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12. February, 2016

How Technology Saves Lives


New innovations and advancements in the field of medical technology are changing the ways hospital facilities are working with patients. These improvements are not just saving peoples lives but also improving total quality of care. Today you can track down location of someone and transmit that information to appropriate facility which can then help the person. Did you knew that over the course of last few years, in USA people were saved from sure deaths, thanks to beacons with emergency tracking and GPS devices. They were people from various accidents, boat, plane or land. There’s a technology of digitally diagnosing problems with patients health in early [...]

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12. February, 2016

Why Your Business Needs A Blog

If you want to really start growing your business, you have to start writing blog. It’s honestly one of most important parts of business. Blog is going to help you with driving more traffic to your website and staying in contact with your customers. It can also help you on social media because each time you post something on blog you create content that users can share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or some other website. This helps your business to be presented to new customers that you don’t know yet. If you already have one built, you can use it to show some special skills or specific area of work you are expertise, people are responding to leadership. With a [...]

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12. February, 2016

The Future Of Education

Education was always very slowly moving field in most of the world, when you go inside classrooms you have a feeling you entered time warp and traveled years in past. But, in some parts you can see technology is making impact on education. In times where population is increasing I think we have to find new and better ways to educate young people. It’s time for big changes in school systems. Institutions are finally exploring and trying new methods and ideas. Higher educational system also costs higher. Top schools can justify its pricing but most others can’t. Students in schools can’t be just fed by information anymore. They need to train skills and [...]

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11. February, 2016

How To Make Google Approve Your Banner Ad

If you are a beginner in making the banner ads based on the use of pictures or want to improve your display ad, here are a few tips on how to achieve it:

Use text, image and color scheme Experiment with different types of banner ads and content designs use templates from gallery ads that Google offers you create your own custom images generate banner ads based on existing text ads Creating the ideal banner ad

Display ads offer many options, so experiment with different templates, colors, and content to get the best results. You want your ad to stand out! What makes a great display ad? The following are the best tips for creating effective display banner ad. [...]

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