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27. April, 2015

Landvo L500S 5.0 inch Android Smartphone Review

Landvo is a brand that is relatively unknown. But soon we will introduce you to them, and their interesting Landvo L500S smartphone. If you want to buy a cheap smartphone middle class with quite interesting hardware features and a great price, we recommend you Landvo L500S smartphone that seems quite interesting. By outward appearances and slightly rounded bottom and the top edge acts eye pleasing, and you can choose from two colors – black standard and white.

Landvo L500S runs on the latest Android Android 4.4 operating system and hardware configuration itself in relation to the price seems very interesting. For beginning we have to mention hardware: Octa [...]

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27. April, 2015

The Payoneer Freelancer Income Survey 2015

Surely you’ve heard from a friend or through the Internet the term freelancer. But, have you asked yourself who are actually freelancers, how they are different from other workers? Keyword freelancer freely translated should have meaning free associates for an online business, that is, the person who performs certain business tasks for a physical person, company or institution and that doing so is not employed by that employer.

What is the main advantage of freelancing is that freelancers independently organize their working hours and duties that will make during this time period. This means that a freelancer can work at any time of the day, from confort of his home, and [...]

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27. April, 2015

Infographic About Most Used Services on Smartphones

Although calls are for most users the second most important feature on smartphones, they spend more time on their phones surfing the Internet, checking Facebook, playing games, or listening to music. More and more people are becoming dependent on their smartphones and checking the phone is the first thing they do when they wake up and the last thing they do before going to sleep, and some even have syndrome nomophobia – fear of losing the phone.

However, a large number of owners of smartphones at least time use their devices  for calls and the majority of them serve as mobile computers on which they access websites, social networks, video games and listen to music. The [...]

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24. April, 2015

MS Word Templates for Every Business

If you want your business documentation look clear and professional, we bring you the rules of written communication in business, as well as beautifully designed MS Word templates that will shorten the time when you making a particular document.

Properly written correspondence implies the transfer of information within the business world. Business communication is used in the legal and similar purposes. We bring you some tips to make your business correspondence and communications better quality to your interlocutors really understand and realize your information:

Use words that the recipient will understand: Avoid using the words from the dialect or slang (unless the [...]
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24. April, 2015

Why is Responsive Web Design so important for SEO?

Finally the day has come. Google is upgrading SEO optimization for mobile pages. What does it mean? Actually it is a very simple thing. Google is starting to use mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will have impact on mobile searches in all languages all around the World. So users will be able to find pages that are optimized for their mobiles first, not like before where users would be offered to open pages that are not optimized for mobile devices as first few choices.

Move that Google made about SEO mobile optimization in my opinion is a great thing. I agree completely that when you search Google website in their results out first pages that are optimized [...]

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