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24. April, 2015

MS Word Templates for Every Business

If you want your business documentation look clear and professional, we bring you the rules of written communication in business, as well as beautifully designed MS Word templates that will shorten the time when you making a particular document.

Properly written correspondence implies the transfer of information within the business world. Business communication is used in the legal and similar purposes. We bring you some tips to make your business correspondence and communications better quality to your interlocutors really understand and realize your information:

Use words that the recipient will understand: Avoid using the words from the dialect or slang (unless the [...]
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24. April, 2015

Why is Responsive Web Design so important for SEO?

Finally the day has come. Google is upgrading SEO optimization for mobile pages. What does it mean? Actually it is a very simple thing. Google is starting to use mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will have impact on mobile searches in all languages all around the World. So users will be able to find pages that are optimized for their mobiles first, not like before where users would be offered to open pages that are not optimized for mobile devices as first few choices.

Move that Google made about SEO mobile optimization in my opinion is a great thing. I agree completely that when you search Google website in their results out first pages that are optimized [...]

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23. April, 2015

Interesting Facts About YouTube – infographic

If you want to listen to music, or look at an interesting video, you will certainly go to YouTube, although there are several similar video services on the Internet, none of them has achieved that great success. YouTube was created in 2005 and from that time until today the number of visits to this page skyrocketing, as shown by the fact that, after Google and Facebook, YouTube is the most visited page. The first video was released in April 2005 titled “Me at the Zoo”.

First video released on Youtube:

A year later, Google bought YouTube for 1.65 billion dollars, but it the beginning they were losing half a million dollars a month. However, Google has [...]

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23. April, 2015

Want to Learn Graphic Design?

You want to be a graphic designer, where to begin?

One of the most common questions every beginner asks is how to even start with graphic design and whether there is even possible to learn it independently. Formal education, of course is best in most cases, but sometimes conditions do not allow that kind of learning. In this article, we will write what is necessary to adopt and how to start with graphic design independently, and we believe that the information will be helpful to those who are preparing for studies in this area because a certain knowledge can create an excellent basis for formal education.

The basic theory of design

What is certainly needed is first to meet [...]

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22. April, 2015

Stay Safe on Facebook – infographic

Facebook is our everyday life and is responsible for the fact that numerous people entered the vast expanses of the Internet through it. Regardless of whether you use Facebook for personal, educational or commercial purposes, it is very important that you keep in mind these few tips to avoid the fate of people who are with carelessness in the virtual space completely destroyed their “real” lives. So let’s start:

Never assume that your online chat is private

Unlike our memories that are often full of holes, false data and interpretation, computers have a perfect memory. Everything that you once wrote on the Internet there generally remains forever, and [...]

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