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23. January, 2015

Infographic Video Templates – Data Visualization

The  Use of Statistician for Your  Infographic Video

Every day the online market sees hundreds of infographics mostly published on trade publications, emails, and blogs which are then shared and spread in the social networks. Previously we have published an article about infographic video design templates. We would recommend you to read it.

What is Infographics?

Infographics or information graphics are representations of data, information, or knowledge with combination of graphics and visual effects intended to showcase complex information in a clearly and quickly manner. It is now widely used to enhance cognition and visual ability to your target audience in order  to [...]

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23. January, 2015

Professional Corporate Web Elements for Social Networks

Social networks in the past few years in major markets have become an indispensable part of every marketing campaign and, with SEO optimization and PPC marketing, play a key role in promoting new brands and products, market research and potential customers and creating new business connections.

With a growing number of users of networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, lack of promotion services and brands on social sites can provide an advantage to entrepreneurs who know how to recognize the potential of such sites and the role that they can play in expanding the network of customers and clients.

With the rise of mobile browsing, the importance of social networks [...]

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23. January, 2015

Google search tricks – infographic

Although everyone knows how to search for something, there are a few quick tips that can help you get the results you are looking for, quickly and accurately. Many people probably do not use Google in its full glory of all his possibilities.

1. Some basic time when you need information quickly Use examples from these lessons to learn filtering information and get the search results you want. Type “weather” and the name of the city and you will get the weather forecast. You can also type “capital of” and the name of the country to get more information about a capital city that interests you. Try also “google” “time in Singapore” [...]

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22. January, 2015

Orlando – Creative Infographic WordPress Theme

Live Preview Buy Now – $58.00


Orlando theme is the all in one solution to your corporate or inforgraphic WordPress site building needs. With large above-the-fold jquery image slider and innovative one page smooth scrolling option, your visitors will love to see every bit and pieces that you will publish on your website built with Orlando Pro.

Here are the most exciting features of Orlando Premium infographic WordPress theme:

Bold and beautiful

Although this theme has all the latest plugins and WP options available in the market, this theme has a pretty good loading time as well.

To start with the first thing that will catch your [...]

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21. January, 2015

Creative e-mail marketing newsletter templates for 2015

E-mail as a means of direct marketing offers many advantages, such as:

Enables quick response to customer requirements. E-mail reduces the response time to customer requirements, from 6 to 8 weeks in the case of postal mail, at 48 hours in most cases. Users have the ability to immediately respond by returning e-mail or by clicking on the link to the Web site of the company, in order to obtain more information. This also fulfills the interaction between the company and its customers. E-mail marketing saves time. Thanks to the use of e-mail marketing companies have significantly reduced the cost of time in relation to marketing that uses traditional mail. E-mail marketing [...]
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