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5. May, 2016

CV and Resume – Get It Right To Get The Job

The market for jobs is very competitive by its nature, with thousands upon thousands of candidates applying for every chance they have. This means that people who are seeking the job should focus on making their resume so good that it stands above all the rest competition. Employers have too much information and on average they will look at your resume for about 3 minutes and 14 seconds before deciding if they’re going to reject or not your application. That is true, because 20% of employers are not waiting for even that much, they will decide this in 60 seconds, or even worse they can reject someone resume before they even read it till the end. It’s really a [...]

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5. May, 2016

Career Paths For Students Of Geographic Information Science & Technology

What is GIS?

GIS or geographic information science is a method that’s computer based used for managing, collecting, analyizing, presenting and modeling geographic data. What GIS software allows is to overlay data sets and maps. For instance, you can load different layers of cracks, streams, rivers, land parcels, maps of flood etc. Geographic information science tools are used in many areas for analysis including transportation, city government, health sectors, urban planning, fleet vehicles and business emergency routes..

So what are the tasks of geographic information science specialists?

First of all they help in both maintaining and building databases. They [...]

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4. May, 2016

The Truthful Art – A Book Review

Alberto Cairo is a wonderful writer whose writing skills have always been superlative in almost every respect. With his book, The Functional Art, he very successfully laid the foundation of information graphics and visualization. Through his book, one became able to learn how to process all the information one is bombarded with in their daily. Exposure to more information than you know what to do with is also as much a problem as is lack of information and not being able to process all those words and digits is scary, to say the least. However, those who have read the first book can be confident in that they have a better understanding of the information that [...]

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4. May, 2016

Hotel Marketing Trends For 2016

Hotels around the world have to be prepared for what’s coming this year in the field of digital marketing trends, so they can be strong and stay relevant in marketing online area. They need to be able to be in tune with next trends, as past year has seen changes in digital marketing area but the growth is not over. Mobile technology is exploding and with it other game changing trends that will impact hotels and create opportunities in your hotels strategy as well. Only mobile has produced over 94% of growth in the field of e-commerce traffic. What’s even more, 21% of bookings for hotel are taking place through smartphones, so make sure to be ready.  There was huge [...]

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4. May, 2016

Tips For Keeping Your Internet Usage Private

You are probably concerned about your privacy online. Many people are worried but there’s a high number of users that are not at all. They freely share everything and anything on social platforms paying almost no attention to their private settings. Google is tracking every keyword they are searching. It’s very easy for people to get paranoid when it comes to this, but is it even possible to keep all the web activity totally private? Most of the users would immediately answer with no. With all the access to emails and social networks it’s so easy to dig up something online. There’s a big loss of privacy and what was once just troubling possibility it [...]

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