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2. March, 2015

What Google statistics say about EDM? – Infographic

Google knows all, Google knows what you want and look for before you type it and knows what you want even before you know it.

But Google is not just a search engine but a huge system of statistics that continuously collects data on social trends that are carved their paths in cultural landscape. Google does not follow only what the masses want, but also by age groups interested in specific trend or lifestyle options.

It is particularly interesting statistic that shows the growth of EDM (Electronic Dance Musc), which occupies more music media space. Regardless of whether the EDM is your cup of tea, you despise it or not cultivate just any emotion towards this most [...]

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27. February, 2015

Viral Marketing – Infographic

Every day you read, see and hear thousands of messages. The manner in which you receive these messages is different. To some you approach active, while others you pick up passively, without using your senses, nor any effort to reach them.

The more important question of how much information you receive is how much you remember of that information? What will you respond when someone is at the end of the day wondering what were you doing today? And of course, why are not these events remembered? The answer to all these questions are the emotions, since they are those that move us.

The link between viral marketing and emotion is large and unbreakable. Since viral marketing [...]

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26. February, 2015

What programming language should you learn? – Infographic

Beginners can very easy get lost in a wide selection of programming languages ​​and in the sea of framework for these programming languages. On various forums and websites can be found discussions which programming language is the best, how, why, what are the advantages, which are disadvantages and so on.

Programming can be learned by anyone. It is certainly an advantage if you are a problem-solving person, or a person who in a simple manner can solve a complex problem and can some real-world problems solve by going to translate into program code. There is only one obstacle that can determine whether you will learn to program or not. This obstacle is the interest in [...]

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25. February, 2015

2015 Content Marketing – infographic

The value of content marketing is now greater than ever. Content creation and strategic promotion of the same, are the techniques that lead to the success of each campaign, and marketers are doing everything to budgets for other forms of marketing divert precisely in this popular marketing channel. However, content marketing also has its difficulties. In the following, we bring you an overview of the challenges that will confront marketers in 2015 in terms of content marketing, and trends that will dominate in the same.

1. Clients - businesses will realize that the content publishing is only the first step. The real value comes from the promotion of the same.

Most [...]

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24. February, 2015

Super Creative Online Web Resume templates

Today, opening a personal website is pretty simple. You do not need knowledge about web hosting or coding. The novelty are hosted profiles and templates that you can fill in the photos, links and information about yourself, and the advantage is that you do not need to have a ton of content on sub-pages, just one page.

So, creating personal web resume is easy, do you need it?

If you are a media, digital or creative professional, this page you absolutely need. If you want to otherwise establish yourself as expert in some of the areas, and still do not have a professional online web resume. Also if you have a side job or hobby, and you’re active in the online [...]

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