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9. February, 2016

How Much Does It Take To Build An App


If you just woke up with an awesome idea of creating app that has never been done before and you have a feeling it’s gonna be very popular, this can be your starting point for a great project. Don’t have fear if you never done this before, it’s possible to transform your imaginative ideas into real app on smartphone screen. First you must think about purpose of your application, what is at its core and if it’s going to help someone to live life better or solve some problems. You got to have clear vision from start to finish. Most important part for you is just to get started and adapt strategy that suits you best, it’s going to help you [...]

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9. February, 2016

The Rise Of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a general term for each communication activity of cyber-technology, which can be considered harmful to the individual and the common good. About 25% of children and adolescents has at least once been victims of bullying by means of IT technology, and 75% of them often witnessed various forms of violence on the Internet. There are two types of violence over the internet: a direct attack and attack through intermediaries. Direct attack occurs when a person:

publish private information and / or falsehood on chat, blog or social networks sends disturbing images via email or messages on cellphones sends a disturbing messages on cell phone, e-mail or [...]
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9. February, 2016

Tips For Successful Visual Branding

Visual branding is so important as it defines how people make perception of you or your company. If you own website or business, you want your representation of visual brand to play key role in development. It has to speak same language just as your videos, text, audio or anything else. Marketing world is essentially very visual. So when you look at Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, you can realize that they are mostly focused on visual content, and this is what makes them most growing and famous social media networks. When you consider making good visual brand every detail plays big part of it. It can be your cover or profile photo, social posts or something [...]

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9. February, 2016

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Affiliate marketing is at it’s core relationship between advertiser, publisher and consumer. Online, you are affiliate that’s referring customers or sales to another business or market. This is similar as method of agents selling houses but they still don’t own the house, they are promoting house on behalf of their clients and earn some percent of the sale when property is sold.

Affiliate marketing works in a way that affiliates are advertising services and products of some business in return for commission for all clicks and sales. Affiliates are displaying various ads for advertisers and promoting them in form of text links, banner ads, search boxes [...]

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8. February, 2016

The Power Of Web Design

First impressions are very important when it comes to online world. It’s estimated that about 2-3 seconds is enough for visitors of your website to form some kind of opinion of your brand or business. So if you are planning opening website make sure to concentrate on good first impression. In terms of web design, think of it in a way of how packages are designed for buyers. People pay for a product but they are also influenced by overall design of package. You should focus on something that will help you powering your website. Logos, written content, navigational menus and primary images are among most important things to consider. If your website is designed poorly and [...]

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