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29. January, 2015

The difference between GIF, JPG and PNG image formats and their use – infographic

On the Internet sites most commonly used image formats are:

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) JPG (JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group) PNG (Portable Network Graphics) GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)

File or GIF image types (this is the abbreviation for Graphics Interchange Format), can contain up to 256 colors. For the modern Internet sites it is a major constraint. On the other hand, GIF image formats can be transparent (like PNG) and animated.

Therefore, it is desirable to use GIF when you need pictures with relatively little color without the subtle nuances, such as for example charts.

Otherwise, non-animation GIF images can be done and using Adobe [...]

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28. January, 2015

Video Games Statistics – infographic

6 prejudices about video games

Although, it’s very unlikely that you will hear any of these prejudices pronounced by someone who likes to play games, we wrote an article withsome arguments that could once and for all put to an end the prejudices which are since ancient times associated with video games.

1. Video games and violence

Stories about “the guy who, after two days of playing FPS’s in dug eyes members of his family”, or “monster who killed the whole school with machine gun after playing the evil war games” we have heard enough times that they already begin to be ignored. Well, these two examples are actually fictional, but similar [...]

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28. January, 2015

Infographic Template – Taking your Business to Sophisticated Level

Infographics are powerful marketing tools and are extremely valuable form of communication. This is mainly because 90% of the information that is transmitted to the human brain is visual, which is processed sixty thousand times faster than text. Inforgraphics provide the easiest and the most effective way to convey your message to your targeted audience. Therefore, it is important to use unique infographic template that will effectively communicate with your audience.

Today, visual contents are gaining much popularity across different business industries. Because people are naturally drawn to images, pictures, colors and other visuals, it is not surprising that infographics [...]

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27. January, 2015

Internet Facts / 2014 Recap – infographic

The Internet is now present everywhere, and we just got used to life where we use the internet on a daily basis. Think that you find yourself in a situation where there is no internet connection a day or more – would you manage to endure there? Some might have a great time, others would fall into a deep depression… Anyone would react in their own way, but sooner or later they would all wanted to go back in the environmen where the internet connection is stable.

While you are on the Internet every day for several hours, we assume that you may know very little abou Internet. The way we experience the Internet really changed since the times when it was still in its [...]

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26. January, 2015

Creative Infographic Brochure templates for business

Compared with the electronic media, print ads are more a part of the real world, more tangible, and therefore closer to the people.

Brochures are popular and generally applicable means of informing ie. Market communications. They are used to advertise and increase sales of various product groups, services. It comes in various sizes, on various kinds of paper in different extents, with the purpose of your promotions and originality.

Brochure is frequent form of cheap advertising for businesses, charities and various events. One of the most popular and versatile marketing tools that are available to you. There are many ways to use: direct mail campaigns, direct sharing of [...]

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