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18. December, 2014

10 creative logo templates for download

Logo is the most visible element of graphic design in business communication. Logo derive meaning and must be carefully composed to be effective. “Design of these symbols is crucial for effectiveness” (Stahle 2002: 17-18)

Today’s environment is more visually oriented and it’s more complex to build a new identity. Branding the new identity is the art of designing unique visual language from ideas – concept to the logo. The original logo is a very valuable asset of the company or institution. Logo design is not only the creation of a new form, but the process of constructing new meanings when transferring impressions on users.

Below you can [...]

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18. December, 2014

SEO: Which factors are crucial for position of the website on Google search engine? [infographic]

SEO stands for “search engine optimization” or simplified, it is the optimization of a website to attract visitors by achieving higher positions in search results for Google search engine.

SEO experts around the world discuss the best methods to optimize a website because Google uses about 200 elements in its algorithm, by which website is ranked, ie. displayed in the search engine. Below we bring you infographic that explains what “Google likes and dislikes,” in ranking websites. Probably you already know something about SEO if you’re an SEO expert or a website owner, but we believe that you will find at least two or three elements that you [...]

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17. December, 2014

Why every serious company must have an e-newsletter?

What is e-newsletter and what is it for?

Online newsletter is an HTML e-mail that allows continuous correspondence between companies and their customers, and the main reasons why every serious organization wants and needs to have it, are:

increase brand awareness, helps build a relationship with current and potential customers, can build and enhance the reputation of an expert in a particular field, causes an immediate response and a large number of reporting, because it is a mass e-mail that is sent to many people, number of people in the newsletter is intended for often greater than planned, is an excellent method of isolating yourself from large businesses, who generally do [...]
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17. December, 2014

Google Search Engine – Search tips [infographic]

Google as the most-used Internet search engine is part of our daily activities of searching for information published on websites or multimedia. With the help of little tricks search can be much more effective.

Believe it or not but today there are still a lot of people formulate queries to Google so that in the input field enter full sentences or phrases. Of course it so difficult to find the desired information and the efficiency of their time is reduced to a minimum. Plus you lose time. On the web you can find a series of tips on how to narrow your search results from the Google or any third party. If you do not want to search on google for all those little tiny tricks that [...]

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16. December, 2014

10 Fresh New Creative Resume Templates

In this strong competition and a vast number of applications is a real challenge to stand out, and many people resort to creative resumes in order for their attention.

Before you decide on something, think about the following: not every resume will make an impression as you desire. We bring detailed insight into the trends of Planning CV that will help you in assessing when to choose something, and when not.

1) The curriculum that emphasizes achievements

Although the advice that is good to emphasize your accomplishments in CV, it seems that many of these lead to extremes. Curriculum vitae in which you emphasize the achievements and skills is different from the [...]

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